" It would be certainly a very foolish thing: try paint the Internet, start making oil-on-canvas paintings out of the computer world".

William S. Burroughs, "conversations", 1996


Miltos Manetas, The Internet Paintings.

Started in 2000. To be continued

Oil on Canvas, 100x150 inches (254 x 381 cm) each. Courtesy The Saatchi Collection, UK.


JAN 27 2007: The Internet Paintings at BLOW DE LA BARRA GALLERY in London. (pictures from the opening)

Invitation and Poster by Experimental Jetset


It would be certainly a very foolish thing: try paint the Internet, start making oil-on-canvas paintings out of the computer world".

William S. Burroughs, "conversations", 1996


Two Oil on Canvas paintings measuring 100x150 inches each. They combine two large canvases –one dark (as in Off) and the other bright (as in On), that represent painted collages of pages Manetas finds in the Internet. As these sites are always appearing, changing and disappearing the surface of the paintings also evolves. The "Internet Paintings" are infinite paintings; Manetas updates them regularly by adding any new websites he considers worthy of representation. A sentimental landscape of technology, an ever-changing biography of the internet and himself, the computer screen becomes a window for new and unexplored worlds: many of the websites represented in the paintings are there because they have changed the way we use the Internet, others are Internet artworks created by Manetas or his friends who use this medium as their studio and their place to exhibit their works. But most important, for Manetas these paintings have become a place to reflect on and recall different moments of his life.

"On", June 2007    
"Off", June 2007    
photo taken at the london studio in nov 2006    

The Internet Paintings at the Frieze Art Fair in London, Rebecca Camhi Gallery,

Oct 2002



Some of the sites included in the Internet Paintings.

a http://www.alldaydoingnothing.com http://www.angleviner.com http://www.angelidakis.com http://www.angeloplessas.com http://www.afterneen.com b http://www.biglongnow.com http://www.blowdelabarra.com c d http://www.dada.com e http://www.everythingyouseeisinthepast.com http://www.educational-sticker.com http://www.elasticenthusiastic.com f http://www.fataltotheflesh.com http://www.futurefarmers.com http://www.futureisfake.com http://www.fourfortyfour.com g http://www.google.com h i http://www.iamveryverysorry.com http://www.itsout.org, http://www.iwannabuysomeclothes.com j http://www.jacksonpollock.org http://www.jesusswimming.com k http://www.kosuth.com l m http://www.maiueda.com http://www.manetas.com, http://www.mspaintporn.nethttp://www.melookingatyou.com, http://www.maninthedark.com n http://www.neen.org http://www.newrafael.com http://www.nakituminayashi.com http://www.neenis.com http://www.nosquito.biz o http://www.oneaftertheother.com p http://www.paranoidturnaround.com http://www.papertoilet.comhttp://www.philosophyinthebedroom.com http://www.priscillateavaccari.com q r http://www.romanticus.com s http://www.schkolnenumber.com http://www.shenevertoldherlove.com t http://www.togetherness.org http://www.tryingsohard.net http://www.thoughtsofafishinthedeepsea.com http://www.thisisneen.org u v http://www.vanessabeecroft.com http://www.vaiavanti.com whttp://www.whatremainsisfuture.com http://www.wtn.net x y http://www.yahoo.com_ http://www.yi-yo.net http://www.youtube.com z And many more...


close ups

The Internet Paintings at the Brooklyn Studio, June 2002


Special thanks to Valéry Grancher for his Internet Paintings