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Early in the year 2000, the California based branding company Lexicon, has received an unusual commision: They have been invited to create a name for any creative expression of our days, (art, design, fashion, architecture etc), which is related with the landscape of the computer screen and the new electronic technology.

Lexicon, (the creators of "Powerbook", "Embassy Suites" and "Pentium"), delivered more than one hundred terms. One of these names was Telic.

Telic, a name appropriated from linguistics, means "something directed or tending towards a goal or purpose; purposeful". For example "I am driving to Los Angeles" is a Telic statement. "I am driving" is not. Telos, in Greek, means "the end" or "the purpose".
Lets define Telic: Telic is magic through technology. Telic is our relationship with the tools which help us to design the World and to see things in a perspective. Our times are Telic.

Telic is Rem Koolhaas's S,M,L,XL. Telic is serious: it makes sense. People recognize it and trust it. It is constructive: anything related with job, is Telic. People which are busy with aesthetics but who also have jobs and clients, are Telic.