"IDEAL OFFICE" for OUTCASTS INCORPORATED , JAN 23, 9, Rue Pierre Dupont, Paris. 
A Neen Demoshow. From 6pm.
Curated/installed by Miltos Manetas.
Flash Animation: Angelo Plessas.
Music: Gnac.
Neen Logos: Rafael Rozendaal. 
Special Performance: The Neen Songs by Mai Ueda. Fashion: Madeleine Von Froomer.

Thanks to: Geraldine Postel,Jessica Boukris,Eleni Gatsou.

aboutNeen: Neen is a concept that I discovered with my friends in late 2000.

We bought the actual name, from Lexicon, a Branding Company based in California that has also invented "Pentium" and "Powerbook". Neen is about a new type of feelings  we all have while we are busy with our new smart toys, the
computers, videogames etc.

Most of the things we do with them are Telic, (Telic means expressing purpose, such as "I am driving my car to Los Angeles"), but in some special circumstances, we are in a Neen Mood and if we isolate it and repeat it, then we can create Neen Art and theories that are very fresh and original. In fact, that's what my friends and I are doing all day: searching for Neen.

Up to now, we have created a new imagery based on websites and animations
(samples can be found at ) and a chain of neen theories such as the Fourfortyfour Theory that is about people meeting for just a minute in perfect islands of time such as 22.22 or 1.23 the website is .

There are about 20 Neen creators that we know of today; some are artists, some composers, architects, fashion designers or even computer programmers.

Neen is not yet a static thing, we cannot really put it down in words, when we will be able to do so, and it will probably become Telic. Like the old Miracle of Jesus walking on the water: if he came back today and he did it again, it would be sort of "déjà vu" "Jesus as usual", and if instead, he starts swimming, most people will refuse to believe that he is actually Jesus.

Miltos Manetas, 2004