The ElectronicOrphanage in Los Angeles, 2001-2003
"Hire Them To Do Nothing"

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Theory: When you are (doing) nothing you are rich. Being "nothing" means that people
have no expectations of you.
You have not demonstrated a certain behavior to them. They don't know yet
what you are good at doing and if they can relate to you. Because they find
your state of Being to be somehow amazing and attractive they have no
expectations other than that of you. Therefore, you don't have to prove
anything to them. There is no pressure and you are free. Such a Freedom is
the most valuable wealth for one's life. If a person decides to exchange
his/her wealth, "nothingness", with something creative, that "something"
should be at least as valuable and surprising as the sacrified state of

Many different organizations are supporting young people on their quest to
creativity. The ElectronicOrphanage is not one of those.

Entirely indifferent to generic creativity, the ElectronicOrphanage, is a nonprofit organization founded by Miltos Manetas, which hires people to do nothing other than look at computers and the Internet. They can also play videogames if they wish or do anything that is related with the most
advanced technological toys that the ElectronicOrphanage provides.

They can exchange this information between themselves but if they decide to
actually make something then they take a risk. If their "work" is not surprising and fresh they will lose their "job".

If instead what they do is amazing then they are encouraged to continue and they are
given further opportunities. The ElectronicOrphanage aims to sponsor the
creation of websites which may be or may become the art of our days.


1. Q: Who decides what is indeed amazing?
A: There is a group of people, the Neenstars who decide. They are
themselves participants of the ElectronicOrphanage and they are writers,
theoreticians, artists, fashion designers, designers
and music composers. They are working in different directions but within a
similar fashion. The are described in the Neen Manifesto and in all other
texts and websites about Neen.

2. Q: Is the ElectronicOrphanage an exhibition space?
A: Think of the ElectronicOrphanage in Los Angeles as a public space
transformed into a computer screen. It is located on a pedestrian road where
many galleries are also located and there is a large public
who visits whenever the galleries are having openings. During those days the
EO is turned "ON". A piece - usually an animation - is shown in the form of
a projection. The public audience cannot go inside the space. They have to
watch our exhibition through the window from the street. The piece is not
proposed or explained as Contemporary Art but it exists as something that
may became "Art" at some later date.

3. Q: Is the ElectronicOrphanage in Los Angeles the only location of the
A: We envision the creation of EOs in many other places. At this time
we are working towards the opening of an EO in Vancouver Canada, Goa India
and Shanghai China.

4. Q: How do I become a participant in the ElectronicOrphanage?
A: People can contact us via the Internet. We are also contacting
people whose reputations - as possibly interesting creatures - we have been
made aware of.