Websites are the art of our days.

The ElectronicOrphanage is a nonprofit organization that supports artists pursuing innovative approaches to form and content in the emerging field of computer-based artwork primarily in the context of websites. The projects allow us to question standard definitions of contemporary art and to experience art in new ways outside of the standard gallery/museum context.

The ElectronicOrphanage endeavors to mirror the internet.

These works may also include audio work, interactive installations, experimental literature and other interdisciplinary projects. The foundation's mission is to support artists, through grants, exhibitions and other modes of presentation, who work with computers and electronics as an integral aspect of their artwork. These projects feature new uses of technology, modes of presentation, or innovative techniques and make use of experimentation with electronic delivery systems, text in combination with image, sound, or performance, etc. and might include printed materials, URLs, CD-ROMs, and other methods of presentation.

New art needs new solutions.

EO intends to act as an incubator for the development of exploratory and daring ideas. The community we support is one whose identification is not geographically local, but rather specific to the real estate of the internet.

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