Utilities for a 'manifesto" until Sept 26 2001

( catalogue )

1/ "I hate artist statements: they are retarded. I like cute girls with expensive shoes, video games and high end audio equipment. I like a laugh every once in a while."

2/ "Design is the byproduct of solving a given problem."

  3/ "Art is a verb."

4/ 'You'll never call another 900 number again'

  5/"The trimmer the vessel, the more it can carry".

  6/ "I'm waiting for the web to become a three-dimensional virtual environment." "Artists have the ability to connect with a deeper essence in a way that can only be explained through more spiritual concepts - with this in mind, a hope and goal of my own would be that expression (art) becomes more aware of this connection and through that awareness it becomes more profound to effect change in the world."

7/H.Hoogerbrugge looks in the mirror every day and is surprised to see he doesn't look any older then the day before. Millions of times.

8/ "Get up for the downstroke."

9/ "We don't need a manifesto for the 21st century,we need utilities"

10/ 'Technology is not just an extension of ourselves, but we are in an equal exchange with the devices around us we are part of them and they of us."

11/ "i live side by side with my alter-ego... he's not a programmer, but sometimes it helps... show the other side of u. and don't believe who says u're a non-social animal, just cause u stay too much time on your keyboard... they won't go too far... develop youself and your brain... many targets are waiting for u"

  12/Let the thousand data windows open; let the thousand data pockets move through the network; let the thousand gigabits of data fll the hard drive; let the thousand lines of code make the cursor dance on the screen."

13/'a manifesto for videogames, which is absolutely useless for any game producing companies could be considered as salvation"

14/"live in the jungle"

15/"There is a hobgoblin haunting the world, the hobgoblin of socialism..."

  16/'don't be afraid to try new things. "

17/"In 2001 reality imitates computer games simulated reality"

18/"1 : Don't specialize 27 :Don't use words like taste, class, boredom, style, ugly, or mass"


  20/"Reality is a lot of things: What you think, what you feel, what's on your screen. Architecture is the best reality tool."

  21/ 'Portends the new form of art product, practice, practitioner and community made possible by the revolution in connectivity. '

  22/"Check out history, so much already dune and so much left to do..."

  23/"Art and media should define new autonomy media zone as Hakim Bey defined: TAZ. A TAZ depends from media in situ, artists are interacting through media by compiling them, mixing them, with this media space. These spaces depending from cables, netwoks, human, collective brain are bringing new estheticism dimension based on: - cognition - interface - memory - identity - temporality The result is evolution, interacting and computation."

  24/"We believe in an experience based gift economy where no spectators are allowed, only participants. Disorient to reorient".

  25/ "Real live soil, dirt sewn into a cotton pouch held in your hand that does not hold the mouse, while you say grace before you bend a bit of the universe with every bezier, new folder, link followed, undo."

  26/" napster goes porn, adonnam will survive"

   27/ "-------------------------------------------------------------"

28/"When old people like what I'm doing, I must be doing something wrong"

29/ "There is no such thing as virtual reality for everything is as real as it ever was."

  30/ "strangeThingsHappen"