Working together since October 1996, soda are a group of artists, researchers, designers and developers. We formed in order to steer the development and funding of our own areas of practice. Although this practice covers a broad range of individual interests, the group is held together by common views on technology and art. We are interested in developing languages, structures and installations in a way that will push the field of contemporary art practice in terms of both context and form. what we do We have a range of technical skills from communications, design, education, software< development, to electronics and mechanical engineering.

These skills allow us to develop projects that employ technologies on an investigative level within our practice. This emphasis on research and development, and the fine art practice of members of Soda, comes together in our methodology that underlies both our commercial and non-commercial work. see sodaconstructor 1999 Ed Burton A construction kit for two-dimensional wiry walkers.

A bouncy virtual model of springs, muscles and masses. A toy. Sodaconstructor started life as the private plaything of its creator, a distracting dynamic building set made purely for fun. Since being made accessible on the internet sodaconstructor popularity exploded and took on a creative direction all of its own. Now many thousands of people across the world are crafting curious constructions and exhibiting their creations for all to see and play with in the sodazoo.

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