Amy Franceschini

San Francisco based artist/designer Amy Franceschini is best known for the aesthetic stamp of her design collective Futurefarmers. For the last 7 years, Futurefarmers has been a factory for experimentation, play, and new paradigms in 3-D graphics, on-line
community, and data visualization. Amy is also co-founder of the internet's favorite web zine: Atlas Magazine, founded in 1995.

Franceschini's work is rooted in environmental interests and nomadic architecture.

Her most recent work will be presented at Utopia Now!: a group show presented at California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco. A video "Mon Kok" documents a mobile market across the water from Hong Kong and "Destiny Module" a utopian backpack/living unit will be shown.Amy translates her utopian visions online in her recent work Utopia for Electronic Orphanage and Communiculture with Futurefarmers.


"Utilities" contribution : "Art is a verb."

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