from "Essay Contests in Fray Involving Intellectual Property
By Amy Harmon , September 10, 2001, The New York Times

"In March, W.I.P.O., (The World Intellectual Property Organization)whose chief goal is to see that the patents, copyrights and trademarks of its 177 member nations are respected worldwide, announced that it would award 1,000 Swiss francs ($600) to the essay that best addressed the question, "What does intellectual property mean to you in your daily life?"

Last week , a newly formed group of academics, artists and advocates calling itself "Wipout" countered with the announcement of an "intellectual property counter-essay contest." Wipout is soliciting submissions on the same question — a copyright lawsuit waiting to happen? — but encourages "more critical responses," according to its Web site.

Wipout has an eclectic list of about 50 endorsers that includes Noam Chomsky, a linguistics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Treatment Action Campaign, the South African group that spearheaded the fight against the enforcement of patents on AIDS drugs there. "

WIPOUT, commisioned to the Electronic Orphanage, the design of their poster.

The poster has been realized, on an idea of Miltos Manetas and design by Mike Calvert.

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