There is a major difference between a desktop pattern and a work of contemporary art.
The first is made to be seen while the second is made for other reasons.
You cannot just "stick and forget" a desktop pattern on a gallery or museum wall,
you have to look at it all the time. A work of contemporary art, is manufactured to
"look" interesting inside the pages of a magazine or a catalogue : it is a cliche.
A desktop pattern instead, similar to a piece of nature, not always photogenic, without
authorship and "concept", has to be really interesting to survive.
Because of that difference , anyone can do a contemporary art work: hundreds
of them are exposed internationally on a monthly basis.
Its it very difficult though, to get an ideal desktop pattern.

miltos manetas , 2001

download evian and other desktop patternsfrom here
or original evian pct 1.01 from here


*original evian PCT 1.0.1, 1997-2001 Yuji Adachi,