Amy Alexander  
Live Botimati 0n/Netasthesia Net Art Performance  

Programmer-turned-Hipster Uebergeek aka Amy Alexander of , performs her live, Psychedelic Psearch Engines, B0timati0n and Netaesthesia.

The performance will be held in conjunction with the Pilot Operating Net project of the medi@terra international festival.

In today's "Geek Age" - a time when formerly nerdy computer culture has crashed head-on into pop culture - Uebergeek puts down her pocket protector, picks up a can of Jolt Cola, and makes the Internet "cool."

Live audience members and passersby on Chung King Road will use telephone message pads to submit search term requests to DJ Uebergeek (as well as any missed phone messages from the office...)

Members of the Internet audience and those attending medi@terra may submit requests via web page at or by telephoning in their requests to the Electronic Orphanage at +1-213-617-4903 during the show.

There will be "limited-seating" Internet streaming during the show. (As long as it works and until we overload the free version of RealServer we downloaded.)

Uebergeek will submit the search term requests to the B0timati0n and Netaesthesia Performance Search Engines, where the search results will be converted to Amazing Animated Text, Groovy Graphics, and Scintillating Synthesized Sound.

Including mind-bending Uebergeek solos on the Power Glove and Air Mouse; it's a Net Art Rave! (without the mosh pit.)

For more info: Online show website

B0timati0n website Netaesthesia website

e-mail Uebergeek