The Desert is where Jesus went before he initiated his unforgretable performance as a savior. It is also the place where irascible spirits such as John the Baptist are going to wait for their Saviors.

John the Baptist wasn't just waiting, expecting someone who would become a Jesus he had decide to baptized him. In today's terms he wanted to "activate" him -as when we activate a new software and it becomes ready to surprise us with whatever it is it does. That's what I am also doing in my Manetas Desert, I am ready to Baptize and to Activate. (read)

Click here to visit Manetas Desert in Second Life.

3 days with Miltos Manetas at the the "Sad Tree", the first location of the Manetas Desert in SL.

sponsored by FARGFABRIKEN in the occasion of conference.

First Day (Apr.1, 2008), Second Day (Apr. 2, 2008), Third Day (Apr. 3, 2008) See Photos